John Stevenson

I’m an active organiser with several technical communities in London, as well as advising others on growing their own communities.  I love helping people play an active part in their community, to help with their own personal growth and that of the community itself.

I enjoy running practical workshops for existing developers as well as those new to programming, including ClojureBridge London.  For the last 4 years I have run a monthly hackday called @HackTheTower, where developers share their experiences and gain new skills.

I have been lucky enough to speak at many conferences and events around the world.  My main topics are Functional Programming (Clojure) and developing with cloud platforms (Heroku / Salesforce).  I also speak about developer tools & experience, continuous delivery, agile & devops practices.

I make time to contribute to open source software projects, especially those I use the most.  I usually have a high amount of contributions on my Github account and take part in each year.

Many of my 20+ years in industry was spent at several leading edge consultancy companies, where I mentor developers about Java enterprise development, object oriented design and agile software development processes.


April 28, 2017
Taming The Wild Frontier – Adventures in ClojureScript
13:30  -  14:15