Becoming Fully Buzzword Compliant

Session Category :  Keynote 
April 28, 2017
9:00  -  9:45

”It’s all about Containers, Serverless and Reactive Programming right now! ProgSCon London will explore these trends with leading industry experts. Several talks will also feature Blockchain, Microservices and Big Data.”

You’re here at ProgSCon to hear all about the latest trends in technology, to learn about them and decide which ones to apply and figure out how. But it’s a tall order, learning to be a fully buzzword compliant developer, architect or lead, especially when What’s Hot changes on practically a daily basis.

During this talk, Trisha will give an irreverent overview of the current technical landscape and present a survival guide for those who want to stay ahead in this turbulent industry.


Session Category :  Keynote